30 Over 30 Part II

Jim FS Ollie The Channel Glendale

Jim frontside ollie over the channel in the Glendale flow section.  Jim is getting into the alien Mickey Mouse look.  Photo by ri.


Since the Halifax guys were once again scared of us, they left the hotel early.  The other group took it’s time and enjoyed our slower pace to life and some breakfast burritos.  Our group played catch up all day with the Halifax crew.  First we met at San Pedro and they left and then at the Socal skate shop.  San Pedro was so fun again.  I stepped it up this time around playing with the doorway and grinding some pool block on the high side.  It was fun to skate with the Halifax guys in a park with three bowls and some street stuff.  At Socal skates, I don’t know what the guys working thought when some 20 plus Canadians walked into the store.  We most likely gave them their best business day since Christmas.  Even from Canada, most of this Canadian crew buys our skate gear from Socal Skates.  They have a huge selection of everything that just doesn’t make sense for Canadian shops to carry.  They also have a tons of things that our local shop should carry like 8.5″ wide boards and 58 mm wheels.  I’m just putting it out there local shops, there are a ton of old guys that have money to buy skate stuff in Quebec but our shops rarely have anything we like in stock.

Tristan BS Blunt Slide Ridic

 Tristan backside blunt sliding in the Ridiculous Pool.  Photo by Mike Lavoie.


Leaving Socal Skates we stopped off for some killer burritos before heading to Etnies.  Thanks Bill for showing me that place last year.  Apparently SoleTech moved from being right next to the Etnies skatepark.  Once again I must thank Bill for warning me that I needed to move my van from the old SoleTech parking before I got towed.  With the changes to the Etnies skatepark over the last couple of years, it has become one of my favourite skateparks.  I don’t care that I have to wear a helmet or that the skatepark cost $5 to skate.  That is $5 per year by the way.  I think I could skate the little black pool for another 20 sessions and still learn a new line at each session.  That pool has hundreds of lines.  This year I spent a lot of time trying to get a frontside smith in the deep end to grind over the box (the deep end one) without leaving the deep end.  Man is that a hard line for me.  I got it once and then bailed trying to grind the other box.  Next year I’ll get both boxes out of that line.


Party Room

 This was the first and only night we got to party in a Halifax room.  The frame in the left hand of the photo didn’t make it through the night, oops.

30 over 30 photo by Christopher Bright.


After a long session at Etnies we headed to the DC ramp.  We had to take our time driving there since a couple of guys were filming on the ramp so we couldn’t skate it until they finished filming.  Once we’d had gotten to the DC ramp most of us were dead.  A couple of the guys did lace up the shoes and skated this Monster ramp.  Man is the thing scary big.  Since I did not skate, I took some photos.  I’m not real sure if it’s finally okay to post photos of the ramp yet but here I go anyways since Dan has already posted a photo of JS doing a frontside air on it.

Rob Eggplant DC

 Rob Bell was not « feeling » backside 50-50s but had no problems with this eggplant on the Monster ramp.

Trevor FS tailgrab DC

 Trevor Moncaster loves to work hard for a beer.  Frontside tail grab at the DC ramp.

Rob Indy Air DC

Rob was stoked to get his Indy airs on the DC ramp.


The follow day we had a session lined up at the Clairemont Y.M.C.A.   Greg Baller had organized the skatepark to open 2 hours earlier to accommodate the large group that we were.  I still can’t believe that Greg got them to open earlier then normal.  First things first though, we all headed to Washington Street to skate.  Amazingly the park was open early.  The park only opens when the park opens; someone with a key has to get up and go there to open the gate.  We were mad lucky to have it open before 10h.  Until 13h we basically had to skatepark to ourselves which was sick.  Then some locals started walking in and we could check their lines and try and figure out how the fuck they find speed in this place.  As we were leaving Sam Hitz was showing up.  We didn’t get the chance to see him skate so some of the guys were bummed.  We found some rad burritos two blocks away, I was stoked.

Clancy FS Grind WSVT

 Clancy MacDonald goes straight for the gnarly bowl grind.  Photo by Christopher Bright at Washington Street (WSVT).


When we walked into the Clairemont skatepark the Halifax guys were just finishing their lunch.  We all padded up and the nicest snake session went down.  That Clairemont bowl is so fun.  All these years later and it’s still my favourite bowl.  It’s got a little of everything and this year it was grippy even.  Once the guys started getting tired a couple of guys walked in quietly and got ready for their session.  No big deal, it was just Darren Navarette, Justin Lynch, Peter Hewitt, and a couple of their friends.  Some guys decided to sit down and watch and the others deicide to step it up.  Everyone pushed each other and had an amazing time.  Hewitt did the sickest line using the waterfall to stay in the deep end that I’ll need to steal next time I’m there.  We skated until it got dark and they closed the park on us.  The guys that were bummed that they missed Sam skate earlier that day weren’t thinking about that to much after the Clairemont session.


Chris Bright RocknRoll Clairemont

 Christopher Bright throwing down a rock’n roll in Hewitt’s face.  Photo by Greg Baller (I think).



Bumbles and Bubbles

Really, Bumbles (A.K.A. McCallum) actually found some else in 2013 that wears a florescent yellow shirt?  Here is Bumbles and bubbles (A.K.A. MiniMe).  Photo by Greg Baller at Clairemont.

 After the session Colin McKay had invited us to his house to hang out.  Yes, the whole crew was invited and even a couple of others.  A couple of days before we had found out and run into a couple (five guys) of skaters from Vancouver City that had driven down.  I am not sure if they knew we were all heading down at the same time.  If not then it was good timing.  My friend Ozzie skated with them too and here is Ozzie’s blog post about them.  Chris Haslam was one of the guys and it was cool seeing him dick around at the Etnies skatepark the day before.  All the B.C. guys were super nice and of course I ended up talking to them about Barry Walsh.  PLG ended up calling Colin to see what he was doing and Colin’s answer was,  » there are 30 Canadians in my place ».   PLG stopped by and we got to talk.  I always feel bad that I don’t call him beforehand to warn him that I’m coming down but I never really know what we’re going to be doing on any given day.  Especially not when there are 30 guys.  For the guys that know me, they know I like to play pool.  Yeah, yeah, not only do I skate pools but I play pool.  Colin had a nice table but for the life of me, I couldn’t play for shit.  Usually I can beat most people playing one handed, no really I play one handed.  On this night I couldn’t play at all.  I was happy that I got to play at all though.  Thanks Colin for the food, hot tub, getting to meet your dogs, and the hospitality.


In the next part we head back to Los Angeles for some more fun….Steve Alba’s 50th birthday.