BDS Skateparc

There is a new skatepark in town.  Okay, not in Montreal but in Quebec City.  I had heard rumors about La Boutique du Skate building an indoor skatepark but I never believe those rumors until the skatepark actually opens.  How did I miss that the skatepark had already opened?  I have no idea.  Maybe I am way over the hill and no longer in the loop?  Who cares?  The skatepark is open already so, it DOES exist.

Winter is just around the corner so maybe I will road trip up to Quebec City to try it out.  By the video, it looks like an early 2000’s style street park.  Hopefully this skatepark will last longer than the last one.  What is going to happen with the private indoor spot (the Congelator) now?  I hope it stays too.  For more information on the skatepark check out BDS Skateparc.