Bird Bath

A bird bath is one of those little fountains that people install in their gardens that always seem to have birds hanging out in them.  The skateboarder version of this little fountain is a bowl like at THR-BAR.  The bowl’s transitions are so mellow that my grandfather might steal a section of it to make a wheel chair ramp in front of his house.  A couple of ramp builders around Quebec wondered why I had not made fun of the bowl (on Exposé) when it first opened.  Well, I didn’t real see the point.  To me the bowl is not even a skateboard obstacle.

I wish the term bird bath was used in skateboarding for a small bowl that is skateable.  A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a video clip of the ICEMAN skating this tiny left handed kidney pool.  That thing looks gnarly.  It’s been awhile since I have hung out with the ICEMAN.  It’s great to see that he is still killing it out in San Francisco.