Carolina in My Mind

It has been two months since I was in North Carolina and I miss it so much.  This was the North Carolina trip in which I skated the worst out of the 7 years that I’ve been going there but I still wish I was there right now.  Skating poorly has just motivated me to skate better next year and wishing next years’ trip happens soon.  Even if I didn’t skate well, the trip was amazing.

Sam FS Air - Kill Devil Hills

Sam blasting a huge frontside air at the Kill Devil Hills skatepark even though all the other guys left to get drunk.


Days before leaving Montreal for North Carolina a couple of guys bailed on the trip.  It was sad that they couldn’t make the trip for one reason or another.  Oh yeah, a day before leaving I also found out that we didn’t have the Hovey house rented for the first day.  What the fuck?  Instead of leaving the Friday night we left Saturday morning and went to FDR.  Unluckily I had gotten sick a couple days prior to leaving.  Waking up early to leave, I felt really crappy.  This was going to be a long drive.  Once at FDR I was dead.  The guys left the minivan and Marc’s car and went to skate.  I on the other hand crawled into the back seat to get some sleep to hopefully feel a little better.  Being sick on the road is the worst.

Harrison FS 50 - Norfolk

Harrison starting out strong grinding over the love seat in Norfolk.

 Taylor FS 50/50 - Norfolk

Taylor steps it up as soon as there was a beer bet with Harrison on the line.


The first night was spent in redneck Delaware.  At least there was no tax on the beers and we made it to the liquor store before it closed.  As a bonus, the room next to us had a party going down all night long.  That is just perfect when you’re really sick.  Whatever, time to hit the road.  While on the road we passed the original Bojangles from a couple of years ago.  Yes, the guys made me stop there for lunch.  By chance it happened to be Sunday.  Sunday happens to be Bojangles all you can eat.  Marc was the only one who was down to score the all you can eat deal.  I made Marc go back for seconds, it was all you can eat after all.


Hitting Bojangles; it hits back.  Photo by Conor Neeson.


With a belly full of Bojangles we hit the road again.  My belly was percolating, not a good sign.  The Hovey house bathrooms were going to get a workout on this trip.  Once at the house we ran into a bunch of guys from Virgina that had come down for the day to skate some of the pools.  The guys were destroying the backyard pool.  This trip was on now.

Conor Aaron Double Texas - Norfolk

Conor and Aaron double texas plant, Norfolk.


The week was filled with waking up and hitting the beach, some hot tub (AKA man soup), lunch, a couple of runs in the yard, and then a long session at one of the OBX special spots.  Jumping in the ocean and getting beat up by it is so much fun.  The water wasn’t even that cold this year.  To bad the weather was cold and ugly.  While back in Montreal the temperature was in the high 20’s, in NC we were in mid 10’s.


Leon looking tiny at Science’s bowl.


We hooked up with Boogie, Rob, and Dirty once again and missed Science and the Artisan Skatepark crew once again.  Dirty changed his miniramp since the last time we were there.  Now it’s a bowl.  That’s way more fun then the cross miniramp he used to have.  I had so much fun at Dirty’s that I did not pull out my camera at all (except to take a photo of his goats).  During the week we went by Science’s place even though he wasn’t in town.  We wanted to check out the progress on his cock’n balls wooden bowl that he’s been building basically all by himself during his time off from building concrete skateparks.  The structure is crazy.  All the framing is now complete.  All that is left to do is surface the two balls.  That bowl is going to be crazy to ride.  Hopefully we’ll get to skate it in the coming years with Science.

Marc FS Ollie - KittyHawk

Marc ollieing the two hips in Kittyhawk.


Saturday is normally the day we get kicked out of the house since the rentals are normally Saturday to Saturday.  This year there happened to be a skate jam at the Hovey House on our leaving Saturday.  The Ottawa and Montreal guys decided to stay around one more day which became one more night.  Bob was nice enough to let us stay one more night since the house wasn’t rented that week.  Pool parties are always fun.  A bunch of local talent (skaters and hot ladies) made it out to the Hovey House to enjoy a day by the empty pool.  Two bands played for the crowd while the skaters did their thing in the pool.  Thanks for the party Bob.  What a great way to end the trip.

House Party

Someone say pool party?

Party Parking

There were a couple of people at the house.  Thanks Bob.


The next morning we began our what ended up being a 17 hour drive home.  I’m never doing the straight drive home ever again.  After two days of hating life from the drive home I returned to my normal bummed self that wishes we had good shit to skate in Montreal just like in the OBX.  Thanks to everyone that we ran into on this trip and Bojangles for gut wrenching meat sweats.  Until next year.

Sam BS Ollie - KillDevilHills

Sam snaps a backside ollie at the Kill Devil Hills skatepark.

Harrison FS Smith - Boogies

Harrison frontside smith grinds over the box at Boogie’s.