Catch Up

Lucky ticket owner (Jimmy’s facebook photo).

Last Friday was the Montreal Bones Brigade Premier, actually it was second but we all pretended it was the premier, at the Centre PHI.  In Montreal for the occasion was Tommy Guerrero, Rodney Mullen, Tony Hawk, Mike McGill and Ray Barbee.  Not only was the Bones Brigade documentary playing but we were privy to a concert by BLKTOP Project which includes Tommy Guerrero, Ray Barbee, and another great skateboarder Chuck Treece.

Walsh Skate School guys are to stoked to hang with Mullen (Selena’s Facebook photo).

I’d gone to the real Montreal premier at the Fantasia film festival and was surprised that not many people showed up for that.  This time around many more people knew what was going down.  Before I left to go to the event I notice on Facebook that tons of my friends were confused on how to get in.  I told them to show up early and they should be able to get in.  By 14h, there were already some people lining up outside.

BLKTOP Project allowed us to witness a rad jam and Bobby made it happen (Bobby’s Facebook photo).

Once the doors opened a who’s of Montreal skateboarding history walked in the venue.  There were tons of people that I hadn’t seen in years let alone decades.  It seemed that I knew everyone in the venue.  Every time I turned around there were some more friends that I needed to catch up with.  It was great that so many old heads came out of the wood work for this event.  Even Norman Roy (one of the original Pipe fiends) was there and was one of the last people to leave.  The Bones Brigade guys that were present hung out in the crowd and where great about signing things and having their picture take with everyone.  Good times were had by one and all.  Thank you Vans and the Centre Phi for making this happen in Montreal.  A big thanks also goes out to the Bones Brigade for being such great role models.

You know you’re having a bad day when you hit a crack, fall down, and get run over by a horse and carriage (Dave Boot Instagram photo).


P.S. I didn’t ask permission for any of the photos so I might totally get in shit.