Cedrick Jones

Cedrick Jones Memorial

This has been a weird week or at least weird timing.  Late last week Cédrick Jones’ sister posted on the Exposé blog that the verdict was finally in for the woman who hit and killed Cédrick way back in 2009.

« Aujourd’hui… 4 1/2 après le décès de Cedrick, la justice à finalement rendu son verdict…devant juge et jury la fille qui la frapper à été déclarer COUPABLE de faculté affaiblie causant la mort…Soulager et triste en même temps Anthony et moi allons poursuivre notre deuil en sachant que cette fois justice a été rendue…On ne peux pas plaider la fatigue quand le taux d’alcool est de 11/2 fois la limite permise car son taux a été estimer au alentour de 0.12 alors que la limite est de 0.08…En mémoire de Ced … Je sais que je me répète … Prévoyez un plan B car tout comme l’eau et l’huile le gaz et l’alcool ne se mélange pas…!!!

Nathalie »


It doesn’t make me happy that woman was found guilty.  I would have much preferred if she had not gotten behind the wheel of her car and then maybe I would be spending a chill night with Cédrick right now instead of writing this blog post.  All I can hope for now is that the sentence be given out quickly so that Cédrick’s family and his friends can move on with a little closure.  Cédrick, we miss you buddy.

Shortly after receiving the update on Cédrick case, I found out that the other famous Hoho plant skater (I can only think of two guys that ever did hohos on vert) passed away.  Steve Schneer was found dead this week.  He was the original hoho guy.  As it happens, Steve’s death was a sad story too.  Steve ended up taking his own life.  This got me thinking, is there a higher than normal number of skaters that commit suicide?  Right off the top of my head I can think of 5 vert skaters that have done it.  Is the artistically inclined person like say a skateboarder more likely to end their own life?   I always figured that the free spirit of a skateboarder would give the motivation and the drive to deal with the pains of life.

Steve Schneer knows how to pick a winner.  Photo was taken from the webringjustice blog.

If you ever find yourself thinking twice about your life there is help out there.  The skateboard community has love for its brothers and sister but we sometimes don’t have the life tools to help someone in this situation.  There is help out there though.  http://suicideactionmontreal.org/ 1-866-APPELLE(277-3553) for all of Quebec.