D.I.Y. Cali Style

Tools for fun, a trowel and skateboard.

If you get a pool built in your yard, is that D.I.Y.? What if you help out? I don’t really care, I just needed a way to start this post. Santa Ana Dave (AKA SAD or Bible bowl Dave) helped built this sweet pool in his backyard. The pool takes up most of the backyard but everyone is happy with that. It’s become tradition that the guys on the February Team Canada trip hit the Bible Bowl. Before going there, I thought of new tricks to try there. It’s a mellow pool so my brain thinks I should be able to do anything there. Once skating all those ideas go right out the door. The pool might be mellow but you can go rather fast in it and it’s got some big danger zones.

Here is a little Rock’n Roll style comparison.

McCallum has the Neil Blender style rock at San Pedro.  I guess it’s because they have the same body.

Trevor is working hard for legit rock’n rolls at Bible Bowl.

Steve has been doing them for years, I mean decades (Bible Bowl).

We had had a long skate day the previous day so it was hard to get our bodies moving for an 11 a.m. session at the Bible Bowl.  Zach turned up the intensity of the session, then every one started getting hyped.  I had some freshly cracked ribs or maybe rib and a pair of dead legs, all the better for the guy since I was able to take out my camera.

Zach making the bonky coping at the Bible Bowl bark.

Steve testing out the coping at the Bible Bowl.

When you think of D.I.Y. in Los Angles you think of San Pedro (AKA Channel Street).  It such a fun place to skate.  When you see all the locals skate there on video you say to yourself, « I can do that ».  I’m go to tell you right now, « Sorry but I don’t think so ».  Even in the newest section that is smooth, the coping is gnarly and the walls come at you so quickly that your tricks won’t be easy to land.

McCallum threw down this backside disaster first try at San Pedro.  It’s a six foot drop on the other side.

Dom surprised me with this backside grind out of the blue.

Greg looks like a little kid in this photo.  Bible bowl makes us all younger.