Dimanche Au Pipe (120)

Yes, the Pipe is still closed to skaters because of the underground parking collapse so this post is not about skating the Pipe.  This post is more about vibe that we’d feel during a Dimanche Au Pipe.  I haven’t really had that same Pipe family feeling this year until last weekend.  Chany from Quebec city was in town and Kevin’s wife was away from the house for the evening, these were the factors that lead to the perfect storm.  A storm of fun for a bunch of transition skaters.

 Poulin’s getting his Indy air nice and smooth.


We started the day waiting for the 17h start time for Kevin’s pool but decided to hit N.D.I.P.  Looking through my photos I noticed a bunch of rock’n roll shots.  Everyone seems to do this trick (non trick in my book) very differently.  Check out the difference between Chany, Kevin, and Lauzier’s rock’n rolls.

Chany’s got good body angle but the wheels didn’t hit the deck.


Kevin’s missing a little on the body angle but the wheels hit.


Lauzier with an upright style and he over cocks his board before turning back in.


Marc’s adopted son is back in town and a little bummed that the Pipe is closed.  He’s still having fun skating different pools.  Vincent has got my problem in pools, he does only frontside tricks.  Frontside is so much safer!

The boys look on while Vincent rips a 5 block frontside 5-0.


Kevin’s frontside grinds have come a long way.  Maybe he’ll start working on 5-0 soon.


Mike has more problems skating the shallow end then the deep end.  He’s been working on these frontside grinds lately.  He said he was hurt, really?


Chany does backside layBACK grinds, I don’t understand this trick.  It’s so easy to over rotate.  So sick.


Frank had no problems skating the deep end at N.D.I.P.  I think the socks help do backside grinds.


Kevin kills himself on these frontside airs, be them here or anywhere so I have to show a photo of a make.  This one isn’t even stinkbug.

 Tons of shit went down and I even got some work done, finally.  Kevin sparked up the BBQ and we had some burgers, dogs, and of course some pops once the sun went down.  A couple of guys even tried to skate the Pear Camp (Kevin’s indoor bowl) when the sun went down but everyone was missing some juice in their legs.  When I drove off, I had a feeling of completeness.  I’m still stoked on the whole day.  Thanks to everyone that made it such a fun day.