Dimanche Au Pipe (134)

Last Sunday was an okay day but the following Monday was an unexpectedly beautiful fall day.  So, this is actually a Lundi Au Pipe.  The normal Sunday crew came out to enjoy possibly the last of the warm sessions at the Big O Beach.  Marc and I got there rather early.  So early that we surprised the Red Bull bmx guys who were filming.  Little by little the locals showed up.  It ended up being so hot that multiple breaks had to be taken.  That also meant that we had to call for a delivery too.

Vincent_FSDisasterI was going for an artsy, changing of the foliage colour photo of Vincent frontside disaster.


ApplebyFamilyIt was so nice outside that the whole Appleby Family made it out.  That little guy might become the next JS the way he loves skateboarding so much.


Marc and I ended up leaving just before the sun went down.  It is really sad that the weather is changing so fast and that soon the Pipe will be covered in snow.  Time to start thinking of tuning my skis I guess.