Once again I was told that I should stop bitching today.  Also that people need to work together to get better skateparks built in and around Montreal instead of bitching.  With the term « people » that was used, I do not think they were referring to me as part of the people.  So, hopefully one of you guys out there is part of the « people » that could help skateboarders get skateparks that make sense built in this beautiful city I call home.  Enough with the cottage cheese finish with randomly placed obstacles, and flat ass transition skateparks please.

Above is the only negativity for this post.  The rest will be filled with smooth words, tight grammar (maybe), and a review of the Verdun skatepark that I finally got the chance to try out.


After hitting the Atwater Market and before poker I had 75 mins to bike to the skatepark and push around for a little bit before biking to N.D.G.  There were a bunch of skaters, bmxers, and scooter riders there when I arrived.  Rad, the SKATEPARK is getting used.  The people using the skatepark were zooming around in all directions with smiles on their faces.  The most used obstacles were the starting spots like usual, the long quaterpipe, the quarterpipe stairs, the big pyramid, and the bank to ledge.


This bank, gap, to ledges is a weird looking obstacle that confused me when I saw it through the construction fence.  Once inside the skatepark it made much more sense to me.  The gap is easy to clear.



Just like it was taken from the streets, this bank to rail and the curb cut to hydrant.



Like the hubba/quaterpipe from the private Nike skatepark.  There are so many possibilities with this obstacle.  I cannot wait to see what Ludo will do with this.



Straight out of the skateboard video game named 720.  Thanks for an easy way out.



There is even some pool block with a drain below.  Get your pool riding style on.



To get the look that the coping are inline with each other, the shorter quarterpipes have a more mellow transition.  A very artistic look.



The ledges on the right were by far the most actually skated obstacles.  The tit is amazing for getting speed.  On the left hand side there is a contact lens that reminds my of one that I used to skate in Hampstead.  That might be the most innovative obstacle of the whole skatepark.  Down the middle is the « street » with sidewalks and curb cuts.  There is even a raised crosswalk with a stamped brick pattern.

I do not think there is any question, this is the best skatepark the city of Montreal has gotten built.  Let us see if skaters from Burlington (Vermont) make the trek to Verdun now. I’m’dun.