Dust Bowl Disciples

As we all have heard, California in going through one of its worst droughts right now.  They are currently into a five year drought.  The government and other organizations are working to raise awareness to conserve water (in California at least).  Skateboarders for a long time have argued that everyone should empty their pools; save water and keep those pool empty.

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There is an issue with emptying your pools that I see, the only water that it does save is the replacement water from the water that evaporates.  I guess in Southern California that might be gallon or so a day.  Kind of how much water most people waste while brushing their teeth.  Saving every little bit of water does help though.  So drain your pools but, when you do so, try and find a way to use the water that you are draining out of your pool for something useful.  Pool water can most often be used to water plants and grass but you should check the PH level of the water to see if it will harm your plants.