Empire Games 2014 – Wallrideorama ( photos)

Skate contests always get a bad reputation from the average skater, either they say there is too much pressure or they would rather skate street and not have to worry.


I personally don’t mind watching contests but I don’t know how people deal with the demand to be the best in front of the judgmental eyes of the public.


Recently good homie and all around rad human Josh Clark has been organizing some funs contests by reviving the Empire Games.


First was the race ( here and here )which was a big hit amongst the skate community and everyone involved, and over the weekend he organized the Wallrideorama at The Boonies skatepark in Cowansville.

We all met at the Empire downtown location and got into a yellow school bus with a bunch of dudes, cracking jokes, drinking beers, and having an all around awesome time.


We arrived at The Boonies to be welcomed by the Monster Energy truck and Merlin who is the owner of the super rad skateshop Balance. Free food, free beers, and two ramps put up against the wall were all we needed to have an awesome time.

20142607_EmpireGames_BooniesWallride_7239 20142607_EmpireGames_BooniesWallride_7246 20142607_EmpireGames_BooniesWallride_7249 20142607_EmpireGames_BooniesWallride_7260 20142607_EmpireGames_BooniesWallride_7299


Captured here is alpha male and best human ever Josh Clark doing what he does best; leading a pack of wolves.


Cassey McDonald


Phil Laj, 10 deep and clearing 12 feet.  Phil is staff writer for Exposé Mag.  Months ago he applied for a job with Journal de Montréal.  They got back to him few weeks ago.  To the question:  » who is your favorite journalist at the journal  » he answered:   » Honestly, I don’t read it  » and got the job.


Julien Gagnon


One thing I like about the internet is that I can run photos that are out of focus.


Le jour que Vans fait une collabo avec DRI, ils peuvent utiliser cette photo de Tom Dubreuil


Mackenzie Carruthers made it look so easy.


Side note: there was no rules about touching the wall and there was no differences between frontside and backside, but frontside wall rides are a whole different game.  And Leon Chapedelaine was in his own world and only touched the wall once, at the 13 feet mark.


This is the frame after Leon’s 13 feet frontside wall ride.


Speaking of frontside wall rides, look at this back foot.  Dustin Henry did not land this one and I don’t care.



This is the end, my only friend, the end. Hugo Balek trying his best.


16 pied man.  Rendu là, j’avais PJ Harvey en tête….

When all the dust settled(literally) it was Charles Deschamps, Vince Baldo, and Jesse Ramirez battling it out on a 15.5 ft wallride gap pushing faster than the speed of light.


Eventually we made it 16ft and Ramirez was the last man standing and was the winner of $600 with Vince taking $250 for 2nd place and Charles taking $150 for 3rd.



With our stomachs full of free food and the majority of us wasted off of free keg beer and having anxiety from free Monsters, we all jumped back into the yellow school bus aka the YOLO bus and we all got back into town ready for the next one!

20142607_EmpireGames_BooniesWallride_8117 20142607_EmpireGames_BooniesWallride_8124 20142607_EmpireGames_BooniesWallride_8139

Big shout out to everyone involved!

One last photo, Baldo wore it best:


Thanks to everyone.


Par Greg Burger

Photos Dan Mathieu