Exposé Mag Is Famous

Friday night I got home from the bar and I checked Facebook.  Yes, I guess I have a problem, checking Facebook at 2 am is not a good thing to do.  Any ways, I did it.  I noticed there was a new Grosso’s Love Letters To Skateboarding.  Grosso and I seem to be on the same wave length, we have many common thoughts about skateboarding and it’s good and bad points.  The latest instalment of the love letters was about trends.  Right after Grosso’s introduction I noticed a black and white photo that I knew.  It took my brain 30 seconds to clue in and then my mind was blown.  It couldn’t be?  I rewound the video and sure as the sun was going to come out the next morning, the photo I noticed was what I thought it was.

Orion Street Plant Big0Orion flapping a street plant at the Olympic Stadium, taken by Ludwig 1987.


The photo above was included in the love letters.  I’m the person who scanned this photo for Ludwig so I know it’s only been used in my post Ride The Wave Of Skateboarding for Exposé.  It looks like the guys doing the research for Grosso’s Love Letters have been checking the Exposé blog.  Okay, they could have found the photo by Googling it but I like my previous thought better and I’m sticking with it.  Ludwig, Orion and myself were stoked to see this photo in the love letters.  The internet sure has changed a great many things such as a Vans video clip containing a photo of Orion.

Image de prévisualisation YouTube