Feeling At Home While On The Road

I hit the road just to skate (or sometimes snowboarding back country).  Within my trip plans there is rarely a touristy thing I do actually.  I travel to skate new and challenging obstacles.  Seeing as I do not enjoy any of the Montreal’s skateparks, having fun requires traveling.  Skateboarding in Montreal is still enjoyable though.  The streets (downtown’s building, parks, and hills) are very enjoyable to ride even if I can barely ollie up a curb now.  Really though, I am a transition skater now a days.  The only transition I enjoy around Montreal to skate right now, and I have enjoyed since the mid 80’s is the Big O Pipe.  On the road I sometimes miss home i.e. the Pipe.  I miss skating with my friends at the Pipe.

Team Pain, a skatepark building company that Eric Meunier had worked for in the past, just came out with a design for a skatepark to be built in Golden, CO, USA.  This new design includes a Pipe replica but not the full whistle shape sadly.  The halfpipe portion seems to be missing one of its walls.  Now I will be able to travel to Colorado and still skate a little piece of home there.  I wonder how close to the original it will be?  There will be the word Golden written in the roof of the window, hopefully Team Pain will not block the lower part of the window to still be able to rock’n roll.  I cannot wait to check this whole skatepark out.