Get On The Vans Yolobus

Last weekend Antique Skate Shop (in Ottawa) and Vans Canada worked together to get a yellow bus full of kids to skate for a free park rental night at the Taz.  Not only was the bus ride free, the entry into the Taz was also free.  That is not where the freeness ended.  The kids were offered free pizza and prize packs.  Lucky kids!  Oh yeah, not only these kids were lucky but Vans invited a bunch of Montreal skater to join in the fun.  I was one of those luck Montreal skaters.

In the street section there was a ton of craziness going down.  I kind of wish I’d brought a camera with me that night to capture the sick skating going down.  But then again, if I had a camera I would have skated less.  I will stick with skating more actually.  Upstairs Sam Lind from Ottawa was killing it.  So much speed and some great lines.  I’d originally met Sam on my annual North Carolina trip.  At first he was a little kid skating what he had access to in Ottawa.  So mainly the streets and Legacy Skatepark.  Over the years he has been travelling a ton; way more then me.  With those travels he has become a well rounded skateboard destroyer of all that is skateable.  That night I had a blast skating with Sam and a bunch of my friends who also killed the bowl.  I think the Yolobus kids had an amazing time too from the smiles on their faces at the end of the night.  Thanks Antique and Vans for making this happen.

Sam BS Smith Boogies

Sam backsmithing over the the deathbox at Boogie’s in North Carolina.