Go And Conquer

Neil Barry ri Bennington


I guess Gallagher took the photo on Neil’s camera.

While Dan was working on 666 for the up coming issue Exposé PLG came out with a story from my past.  Once the 1991 contest in Saratoga Springs wrapped up I « walked » away with the second place in street.  That’s all I got, a stupid trophy.  Well, I didn’t really walk away with the trophy, I smashed it into little pieces on a quarterpipe’s coping.  My mom is the only one that would enjoy a second place trophy.  In Montreal the contests always had product as the prize.  Skaters by nature are broke-ass kids that break skateboards on a weekly basis.  Barry, Neil, Gallagher, and myself had gone down to the United States to party and win some money.  Back then I had no idea who PLG was but it seems that he remembers my childish freak-out on the trophy.  We stayed in the US the whole week since the following weekend there was a contest on the new Cutting Edge (Bennington, VT) outdoor spine ramp.

Living off Ramen and beer I muscled my way into first place at that contest.  That was the first time I had ever won a contest so I kept that trophy.  It is still the only skateboard trophy I have.  The photo above is Barry, Neil, and myself acting like we are enjoying the spoils of our victories even drinking Canadian beers and fake smoking cigs.  Barry’s two first place sponsored and my first place unsponsored trophies are still alive.  Some girls let us stay at their apartment (which was the staircase of an old school) the whole week.  Man that was an amazing road trip.  Thanks PLG for bringing back those memories.