Hampton Beach, NH

Me and a couple of guys have been going to Rye, NH at least once a year for a couple of years now.  Usually we go during the winter or in the spring to skate the Rye Air Field skatepark.  We have been there before not knowing that the skatepark would be close for the holidays and so we ended up skating the Hampton outdoor skatepark.  I would have never travelled 5.5 hours to skate that shit park but seeing as we were already there we skated it all day long.  Last fall the skatepark got a bowl added to it.  Already the skatepark was looking better.  Now, last this year the whole street course was rebuilt.  Now I wouldn’t mind having to skate the new park.


According to the local skate and surf shop, Pioneer Boardshop, the skatepark is open to skate.  So if you’re heading down to surf or hang out on the beach, bring your board and have fun.  Check the Pioneer Boardshop blog for more photos.