He’s not just D.I.Y. that Charles Deschamps

Charles has come out a couple of times to help out the boys at P45.  It seems that he’s made the most of his experiences learning from the P45 veterans and of course his schooling.  Since then he’s worked (with the help of other guys) on a couple of D.I.Y. projects and made some really cool skate spots around Montreal.  I bet you’ve seen them in photos or hopefully even skated them.  Sure he’s got some cool ideas for D.I.Y. spots and he gets them done but he’s also a skater.  His style is very laid back and he makes every insanely hard trick he does seem as if you could do it too.  Hey, I wasn’t born yesterday, I’d kill myself if I even tried half of the tricks he lands in the video clip below but he makes it look so easy.

If you can get your hands on the latest copy of SBC Skateboarding, Charles also has a good interview in there.  When you run into him you should thank him for all the hard work he’s put in to help make sweet D.I.Y. spots around Montreal.  R.I.P. Place Viger.