Jimmy Wilkins at Phishlips Ramp

As I have already stated before, I seem to have a skater crush on Jimmy Wilkins and here is another reason why.  Check this clip out!  In all the skaters I remember doing slob airs (frontside air while grabbing mute and no it is not a frontside mute air), there are only two people that make the trick look sick.  Sorry Salba, you are not one of them.  Bucky and Mike V. both do a Japan air (mute air with your front knee touching your board) style slob air that are totally stylie.  Add one more person to that cool slob air list, Jimmy.  His are not Japan air style but frontside nose-bone style.  Back in the days that was the only way I could land slob airs but not that boned.  Doing them the standard way my back foot always came off the board.  Nose-boning kept the back foot on the board much better.  Jimmy’s are just so boned though.  So sick!!!

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