Lance Mountain – Big O

It seems that I missed a chance to skate with Lance Mountain at the Pipe.  Five or so years back I was lucky enough to be at the Pipe when the Flip team rolled through the Big O which made them late for their demo in Quebec City.  On that day Lance was there checking out the Pipe.  I only noticed him take one run that day.  Maybe he thought to session was to hectic.  Marc Tison bailed a tail block revert in front of Lance and Marc’s board ended up Lance’s hand.  Lance told Marc, he had to land the tail block revert or else he was not going to give back Marc’s board.  Marc accepted the challenge and landed it the next try.  That was a super fun day at the Pipe.  As it happens, Lance was back at the Pipe this year while he was down for the Backyard Party.  Lance has had a bunch time to think about the Pipe, lines, tricks to do, and so farther since he received a copy of the Pipe Fiends book when Barry, Marc and I got to skate his pool last December.  We had fun at Lance’s home, I hope he had as much fun at our home.



Lance Mountain rock’n roll the window.  Photo taken from the Flip blog.