LNP Living Skateboarding

Laurent-Nicolas Paquin is now part owner of La Boutique Du Skate.  Isn’t he a snowboarder?  Hahaha.  LNP rips on a skateboard.  I was bummed that I moved on to the second round at this years’ contest at the Plaza de Quebec.  Of course I got knocked out the next round.  LNP wants to make a skater’s skateshop in Quebec.  Every city should have one of those.  Without Footloose as my hangout place and meeting place before a session, I would not be the person I am today.  Maybe I would have quit skating if I would have had nowhere to hang out and meet different skaters.  Some people call these places « core skateshops »; for me they are just skateshops.  The other places that sell boards but don’t have time for the actually skaters are the blood suckers of the skateboard industry.  I guess we need those too to open our eyes to how we should be treated as skaters.  LNP and La Boutique Du Skate, good luck creating a home for skaters.

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