Looking Through The Crystal Ball

Old school home video skate videos always make me feel as though I’m looking at them through a spherical screen like a crystal ball.  Those old, cheap lens gave that look.  These were the early days of Joe Shmo videoing skateboard lines. Cameras had gotten to a price point where you didn’t have to be a millionaire to film and then develop that film.  You could also edit videos with a couple of VCRs instead of an editing studio.

Asphalt Love is an old school South Shore skate video created by Antoine Saint-Jacques.  Man did it bring me back.  Skating are the guys that today’s best young Montreal skaters looked up to when they began skating.  The guys kill this video.  Skating in the early 90’s was all about the tricks.  Street skating was changing from the curb skating from the Bones Brigade videos to ollies, flip tricks, and shov-its.  Being smooth was of a lesser importance.

Dan Mathieu already had a man’s voice, haha.  I guess I never notice at the time.  Is this about when Dan started taking photos?  Many of the spots skated are unskateable or even totally now gone.  The Big O with barely any graffiti is always weird to see.  These were good times but now are also good times.  It’s funny to see how things were as compared to how I remember them.  I know Antoine had made at least one other video.  Is there more then those two videos?  Enjoy this video!