LRG 1947 Video Review

dvdcase3LRG just released their 2nd full length video titled 1947 directed by Kyle Camarillo. LRG’s last video « Gimme my money Chico » was a classic with solid parts from the whole team and 1947 comes through with some bangers. The whole video is once again solid but there are some serious stand out parts in this one.  First part goes to new pro and tech/switch wizard Carlos Ribeiro, the amount of control this dude has on a board is mind blowing and his trick selection is next level. His ender is the dream trick over a picnic table and you’ll be able to see it and the entire part today on Thrasher. Another part that you won’t be forgetting anytime soon is Trent McClung’s insane face melter of a part. I personally wasn’t the biggest fan of Trent for whatever reason but after seeing him do every possible super hard trick and make it look proper I have to say that I fully back him and his brand of stylish tech shredding, be prepared to have your jaw on the floor for some of the tricks he riffles off. You’ll also be thankful for his song which is by far the best one in the video.  Honorable mention goes out to one of the original white Dirty Ghetto Kids Jack Curtin as he keeps dropping solid parts and this one is no exception, especially with super creative and gnarly tricks like the fakie ollie over the top to sw 50-50 on a handrail. Felipe Gustavo is really good at skateboarding and seems to have the 360 flip to crooks on ledges as good your best friend has kickflips. This part is more enjoyable that his Plan B part but if you weren’t a fan after or before that part I’m not sure if this will change your mind but one thing is for sure is you’ll have mad respect for the level of skateboarding he has achieved. The fact that Chico Brenes is still filming parts is super sick and this part is not one of his best ones but it has that classic Chico style and tricks that make him the legend that he is today.  Rodrigo TX put out the greatest 2 part massacre ever in The Firm’s Can’t Stop in 2003

Image de prévisualisation YouTube Image de prévisualisation YouTube

ever since then I worship TX and every part he puts out. His part in 1947 is super legit and for him to still be putting out sick parts 12 years after he should have been SOTY is amazing. Basically eternal respect to Rodrigo Teixeira! Tom Asta makes things look so easy that you almost forget how hard doing 3 trick lines with tricks that should be singles. Nollie heel bs noseblunts and other insanity make Asta’s part one of the most memorable in the whole video. Philly putting out some street killers since day one! Tommy Sandoval is a barbarian on a skateboard who rapes and pillages spots that nobody should be skating with ease and still skates the normal stuff and kills it just as hard. This part may not be like his SOTY nominated Cold War part but it’s still a serious gnar fest that you’ll enjoy. And finally Miles Silvas closes out the video with Trap filled steezy shredding and that super dipped sw bs smith on a hubba that was on the cover of Thrasher. Lots of tricks that involve mad board control and proper trick selection make Miles the perfect dude to finish this off.

It was nice to see that a brand that has been involved in skateboarding for such a long time is still putting out dope videos with killers of the past, present, and future. The video was released today on iTunes download it ASAP.

dvdcase2 dvdA big thanks to Mat at Agence Royal for the advanced copy and Timebomb Trading.