MQC’s 17th Annual City Hall POSER GAME Championship

MQC’s 17 th City Hall POSER GAME Championship was lit.

The first name pulled out of the hat was Johnny Purcell and he didn’t miss a beat until he took out at least half the contenders.

Chris Melvin, Maason Cluett and J-F Gagné skated really well and it was great to see some veterans take a go at the trophy. Paul the Russian and Zachary Wilkins are not scared of the youth.

The battle came down to Will Marshall and Antoine Asselin and they went back and forth until the lights went out in the park and everyone pulled out there cell phones to lit up the box so that they could finish the game.

Congratulations to Antoine Asselin for being the first to win the trophy 4 times!  Antoine hates to loose.

All photos: Ryan Lebel (@lyanrebel)


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