Peace Park et David Boots vont en France

En septembre dernier, Dave Boots est allé en France présenter sont documentaire sur le Peace Park.
Je laisse Dave vous parler de son voyage et la vidéo de son trip.



Last September, Cédric Crouzy invited me to present the Peace Park documentary in L’Expo de Ouf #4 in Nîmes, France. To get there I had to land in Marseille.

When I arrived in Marseille, to my surprise, people already knew about the Peace Park documentary and how it helped to legalize skateboarding at the park.

There was a significant amount of interest in the documentary and with the help of Karim Cherif, we were able to organize a premier within a day at L’ébénisterie, thanks to Geraldine and Jon. With only one day of promotion we were still able to draw out the core scene and a good crowd.

The night following the Marseille premier was the premier in Nîmes at L’Expo des Ouf. Cédric pretty much runs thing in Nîmes and at Le Spot where the showing took place. He really did a great job making sure I had everything I needed out there. The most prominent thing I took away from premiering the Peace Park documentary in France was that the film does have an international appeal. In both cities, viewers expressed that they have the same urban problems that are presented in Peace Park documentary.

During my trip, I also checked out Cassis and Montpellier with Michael Kahn, but I ended up spending most of my time in Marseille.

I felt right at home in Marseille; sleeping on Angelica’s couch, skating bowls and streets, swimming in the Mediterranean, and drinking till late in Le Course Julien, which is a tame version of Peace Park in Marseille before heading to Longchamp Palace.

Overall, my trip to the south of France was amazing, much thanks to the Conseil des arts des lettres du Québec and the SAT for helping me get there.


Image de prévisualisation YouTube