Peace Park, Respect The Spot

Peace Park used to be an illegal spot to skate.  With the help of Dave Bouthillier it has become a legal spot; that is if we skateboarders do not fuck it up with the police.  On that topic, this is what Dave had to say.

« DON’T BRING HEAT: It has only been officially legal to skateboard in Peace Park for 2 weeks and already skaters have managed to draw negative attention, which resulted in the cops showing up after concerned neighbours called the police.

Skaters need to realize that if they abuse this new privilege it could easily be taken away. I’m not claiming to own the park, but I did legalize skating there, so you can be sure I know what I am talking about.

I’m not telling people what to do, I’m only suggesting that skaters don’t heat out the spot! It won’t take many complaints to have the law reversed. The park is completely surrounded by neighbours. Even if you’re not breaking the law by skating your car for example it’s going to draw negative attention.

The authorities legalized skating because we convinced everyone that skaters help improve the image of the park! But, if citizens are making complaints because skaters are breaking bottles in a run, skating a broken pole in the street, skate outside the allowed hours, or drinking alcohol, we will go back to getting chased by the police, receiving over $600 tickets, and get our skateboards confiscated at Peace Park.

I’ve been skating Peace Park for over 20 years and in the late 90’s I use to rip up the tiles to skate them as a bump, spray painted the building around the park, and worse; but back then we had nothing to loose.

I spent the last decade trying to legalize skateboarding in the park with the help from the SAT and now that it’s finally legal skaters need to think of how our actions will be perceived by others. Remember there are always eyes on the park and if skaters abuse the privilege someone will put an end to our sanctuary.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say we are working on bigger and better things. Legalizing skateboard in Peace Park was only the first step to a new era for skateboard in Montreal. It only takes one person to ruin it for everyone, and it’s going to take everyone together to make history.

Please be conscious for your actions and if you see someone doing something that’s going to blow it for all us, don’t be scared to school them! »


Photo from the Mardi Skate Jam 02 from 2014.