Pear Camp 2013

Todd Rock'n Roll


I don’t understand how Todd can land rock’n rolls without the truck touching coping at the Pear Camp.  I need all the transition I can get to throw my board around.

Last week a couple of older skaters talked about heading out to the Pear Camp for the first session there of the year.  Actually Big Rich and Todd had never skated it before.  I worked out the logistics with Kevin and two cars headed out of downtown for a road trip to Ile Perrot.  Marc was picking up Conor and Clifford but upon arriving at Conor he found a wide open front door and we’re current mid-winter.  He walked into the apartment and he woke up Conor and Clifford but they just couldn’t do it, get up that is.  A big party night had killed them and all hopes of skating that day.  Marc ended up driving alone to Kevin’s to meet up with Todd, Big Rich, and myself rolling in the Prius.

Big Rich FS Disaster


Big Rich surprised me with this frontside disaster.


Once at the Pear Camp, Marc and Kevin were already skating hard.  Kevin had zero issues with his garage bowl.  Marc was a little rusty but Marc still amazes in any case.  I was horrified after dropping in; the bowl felt so very foreign.  I almost piled on the drop-in and on every carve.  This session wasn’t looking good for me.  Big Rich started with having issues with the cradle but then quickly started finding his groove and some lines.  Todd, a rather big guy, has such quick feet it amazes me.  Todd had no problems with the tightness of the Pear Camp walls or at least that’s how it seemed to me.  An hour into the session, we all got into our groove, even me.  The bowl allowed us some speed lines and tons of loud barks from the home made pool block.  Smiles could be found on everybody’s faces.  It’s strange that such a small bowl can make so many good memories.

Kevin fs 50-50


Kevin about to roll back in from his frontside 50-50.


Kevin has been working on frontside 50-50s everywhere for a while now.  At the beginning of the session he wasn’t even close to landing one but then out of the blue he rolled up into one and somehow just liened into the bowl to get out of it.  He ended up finishing the 50-50s as if he was doing a carve grind.  It’s weird that I’ve never even thought about doing them that way.  I always end up ollieing back in.  As a side note, during that session I landed my first ever backside 50-50 on round-wall with pool block.  For those of you who have seen me skate, I’ve got zero backside tricks.  I still don’t have any but it’s looking a little more promising.  Thanks Kevin for the allowing us to skate the Pear and thanks to Todd for the great burritos.

Close call


This is how Kevin landed one of his frontside airs.  Man was he lucky to not hang up.

From the look of these photos, it looks like I’ve been slacking on my photo taking.  Hopefully I’ll get to practice taking photos in 2013.  What am I talking about?  I want to be skating, not taking photos.