PearCamp Rockies


Big Rich, Mark, and Marty enjoying some over-vert in the cradle.

My friend Mark Best from Toronto was in town for work so I thought it would be cool to bring him out to the PearCamp.  After a bunch of emails and some calls we had a small crew to hit the bowl and more importantly, I had a ride.  Mark had a rental car (hybrid) that we all packed into and headed out.  Mark and Marty had never skated the PearCamp.  BigRich had only gone once and that was a couple of weeks ago.  I, myself had only gone maybe 12 times to PearCamp.  Each time I go it’s as if I’ve never ridden there before.  Yes, the bowl is killer hard to ride.

Mark FS Grind

Mark worked hard for these frontside grinds but was all smiles.

Mark came up smiling after every fall stating, « this place is so fun ».  The transitions are the same as the Pipe (cut a couple inches shorter) but it is easier to ride since you can go up the transition at an angle thus making it seem like the transitions are mellower then they actually are.  This fact does not make the bowl easy to skate by any means though.  You have to work for every trick.

Big Rich FS Grind

Big Rich can somehow fit in this bowl and wear down his trucks with some big barks.

Marty didn’t get the memo that this bowl is hard to ride.  He started quickly laying down some grinds everywhere.  Why not throw in some frontside rocks and then (watch out Poulin), an invert.  Really?  An invert in that little thing?  He brought his A game big time.

Marty FS Ollie The Hip

Marty somehow learned how to stinkbug a frontside ollie over the hip.

All jokes aside for the look of Marty’s front leg on the above ollie, the hip ollie was so sick.  Once he landed it we all decided to call it a night.  The PearCamp kills people.  It’s the human version of a hamster wheel I think.  Maybe now I understand why hamsters always seem so happy yet tired.  Thanks Kevin for having us over.