Pool Crew (1)

No one I know (in Montreal) is more obsessed with draining, making, fixing or skating pools then Kevin Cann.  Everything he does, he goes for it 100%.  If he hadn’t quit skating in the late 80’s we’d have tons more fun skateparks in and around Montreal. Nothing he’s involved with building ends up easy to skate but they are all skateable and once you land something you’re super stoked.

Last Christmas Kevin went out to LA to meet up with our friend Bill and his son Tristan.  While he was there he also met up with Ozzie who just might be the US version of Kevin.  Ozzie lives pools.  All you have to do is check his blog to see he’s obsessed with pools.  One of Ozzie’s recent blog post has a photo of Kevin skating the Pink Tile Lounge on his Christmas trip.


Kevin grinds the deathbox at the Pink Tile Lounge

Kevin does so much for the Montreal skate communite between getting parks built, building a bowl and a pool at his place, and teaching kids to skate in NDIP.  Thanks Kevin for all your hard work.