QC Bowl Bash 2014 (Date Changed)


**** The date has changed.  August 9th, 2014 is the new date.  ****

Yesterday morning I got a phone call asking if I wanted to hit Quebec City’s bowl bash.  Out of all the previous Bowl Bashes, I had never missed one of them so I was stoked I was not going to miss this one.  I had been looking for a ride all week.  As I got into the car, Lauzier asked me if I thought it was going to rain.  I had no idea at all, I had not checked the weather in days.

Once at the bowl I had a little lunch and got to seeing how my ankle felt skating.  The body, my body, was a little slow to start up.  The local QC guys started showing up and bam, the hard rain started.  When the hard rain let up and we all got happy until the rain started up again.  By 6 o’clock we all knew the contest was not going down that day.  The contest is now going down August 2nd 9th.

After some drying time at the La Boutique Du Skate we headed to the private indoor miniramp, the Congelator.  The guys mopped it down and even before the ramp dried, everyone besides me was skating.  Warm up time, not required.  Those guys were going at it with 110% motivation.  Old, young, it didn’t matter, the guys were riding the edge of make or slam and winning most of the time.  JS Lapierre said the ramp was just like the Underpire ramp.  For me they are not the same, Underpire has looser transitions.  Everyone was having fun no matter what the transitions were similar too.  JS just killed the ramp.  Lauzier threw down a frontside tail block on the extension out of the blue and so much more cool stuff went down. Great times for all.


Bonus video clip from Underpire by Guillaume Thibault.