Ray Barbee

Last year I was lucky enough to meet Ray Barbee (again) and hang out with him.  He was in Montreal for the Bones Brigade (second) premier.  The first time I’d met Barbee, he was a young kid and the Bones Brigade video Ban This had just come out.  His part in Ban This was totally epic.  It wasn’t the first street skating part in a video but it was very memorable.  Barbee just seemed to be surfing down the sidewalk doing a million tricks a minute.  Most of those tricks we associated more with freestyle skating at the time but we knew how to do them.  We never thought of doing them while cursing down the street though.  Just as an example, no-complies we’d do onto a curb or ledge.  Barbee doing one without stopping at top speed looked so sick.  At least for my friends and I, Barbee changed the way we street skated.  Vans just interview Barbee about his section in the Ban This video.

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Now a days Barbee is more of a musician.  At the premier I got to hear and see him play; the man is really good at what ever he puts his mind to.