Day Trip to Saratoga Springs, for a skater losing your favorite skate spot has to be the worst punishment…. and Montreal skaters can really relate to that.   It was sad to see the Saratoga bowl filled with sand.

Buried Saratoga Springs Pool

But sometimes the strength of character of a few hardcore dedicated souls can manage to save a skate spot … like our Big O or the Saratoga Springs pool.  The bowl has been dug out of its burial ground.  Woo hooo … we had to venture back for a session.  Would you say that the NDIP boys are addicted to bowl riding?  Considering that they have two pools in their neighbourhood … and yet they still drive 3 to 4 hours to skate something else!  Our first warm up session on mellow transition was to be the Burton bowl. But ouch, the fence was locked, boo.  Kevin tried to talk us in, and for those who know him, if he doesn’t succeed then no one “Cann”!  The floor manager of the Burton shop was none negotiable.  We decided to head off to the Saratoga Springs pool.  Finally we got to skate something.  The Saratoga Springs pool is tight and has good transitions.  I wouldn’t say that it’s a bad ass pool, but it does offer good flow lines and just enough time to setup for tricks.  But if you are not careful it will punish you on a bad line!  We all had set our own objectives for this session.

Kevin was determined to front side air the deep….check

Michel wanted to front side grind the deep…check

Alex wanted to grind whatever he could ….check but not in the photo
As for me … well I wanted to rock the shallow…check
It took a 3 hour session to be able to check off all our objectives … me being the last to finally land the rock.  We were all dead tired from skating our butts off and hungry so we hit Circus Burger for food and drove back home.  Boarder crossing can be surprising …. I won’t dwell about it.  The Saratoga Springs pool is definitely worth the drive and congrats to them for saving it from permanent destruction.  Hopefully we will get to skate it for many more years.  As for you local Saratoga Springs skaters … get out there and ride your pool, it’s a blessing, well worth saving.


All photos and the writing by Mike Lavoie