Repose en paix, Rosemont DIY

La police était down, les cols bleu étaient down, le voisinage était down.

Je pensais publier un sweet article DIY inspirant de 4-6 pages dans le numéro du printemps 2014 de Exposé Mag, mais le ministère du transport était pas down avec notre spot et that is that.

Voici mes photos.  Le texte et les captions sont de Andrew Mcgraw.



Living in the  mile end for the last 4-5 years, I would often pass by this spot with my good friend Franky. Usually on the way home from skating or from le Taz in the winter time, and every time we would say to each other that this would be a dope spot for a few ledges scattered around, due to its vibe and lack of traffic and people.

This summer, with the help of a bunch of people like Josh Clark, Charles Deschamps, Dylan, Joey, Phil, myself and a list of other homeys who came out to help, the bridge spot, or the Clark park, or p46 or however you want to call it, became a full fledged « diy ».


Being that the spot had no permit or no official backing from the ville de Montreal, it was definitely a bit sketchy at the beginning, we found out real quick what we could and could not do.
Like when we were  building a massive vert wall on the structure of the bridge, just as we were finishing up the vert wall, a city official passed and said we can’t touch the bridge structure.
At first everyone was choked that we would have to tear down the vert wall after working on it for two days, but the guy from the city was actually on our side and telling us what to do to keep the diy going.  He told us we could do whatever we wanted, as long as we stayed away from the structure of the bridge, he also managed to send a few crews of city workers to clean up our trash after building, which was pretty rad.

Unfortunately, during the writing of this article, we were told that the park had to come down within a week due to the risk factor of the somewhat sketchy bridge above the park.  Even though there is a factory across the street with a few hundred workers crossing under the bridge everyday at 4pm…  Whatever the real excuse was, it is lame that the city couldn’t work a bit closer with us to find a solution.

But whatever the case, it was a fun ride!   R.I.P


Josh Clark, aka captain canada, aka team manager of the year, aka alpha male, definitely was responsible for most of the planning and hard work to make the spot happen.  And in between managing skaters, he slashed this front blunt fakie.  Respect!



Even though Sascha Daley was only in town for a few weeks, he came threw and got muddy and dusty with the rest of the crew, a real champ, and he killed it.  Thanks homey.



Along with Josh, Charles Deschamps was one of the most motivated to build and shred this place.



Locals Dylan and Joey came threw and helped us bang out the long quarter with the channel.  Even though it was only there for a month, a lot of shit went down on it.  Thanks homies



Yours truly, selfie!  Self worship!  (for the slower people, this is Andrew Mcgraw, he wrote the text that you are not reading and this is not a real selfie because Dan Mathieu shot the photo.)



Js Lapierre was there most days, helped out a bunch and got high as fuck! Respect.



So yeah, RIP Rosemont DIY.


« Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it. »  Google Greg Anderson whenever you don’t know how to end a post.