Slappy Madness

Sweet Kool Moe Dee shades Iceman.  This photo was stolen off Punker Alex’s facebook page so I have no idea who took it.

It seems that last weekend the boys in San Francisco had a little slappy contest.  That takes me back to the Zellers parking lot (next to Vendome metro) days.  We used to spend hours upon hours skating the curbs and we’d never get bored.  I still remember getting my first fakie ollie 5-0 to fakie and how stoked I was to land it and it’s the first place I learned frontside smith grinds.  We would learn tricks on curbs and then bring them to miniramp and hopefully to the vert ramp.  That’s how most tricks progressed in our crew.  I guess the progression is still the same way.  Sorry current skate mentality but I would prefer to watch a slappy contest then a manual contest.  Maybe that’s just me though.