Visite Au Grenier – Cody Ramjet

Je pense que c’était durant l’été 1997.
Concrete Mag m’ont payé un billet d’avion pour aller faire un article avec des dudes de Halifax.
C’était mon premier « vrai » contrat de skateboard, c’étais la première fois que je partais en road trip seul, et mon anglais fesait pitié. Mais j’étais stoked d’aller à Halifax.

Concrete avait pas de budget pour me payer un hôtel, alors ils m’avaient hook up avec Zach Tovey, un des dudes de Pro Skates.
I landed in Halifax, Zach picked me up at the airport, I stayed at his place for a week, fun times, shot a bunch of photos and flew back to Montreal.

Back then, I had never heard of Pro Skates and I was completely oblivious to the canadian skateboard scene history. There was no facebook, there was no emails. I have no excuses, I did not keep in touch with some awesome people. But that is not what I wanna talk about.

I wanna talk about Cody Ramjet.

It is 1997, I am hanging out at Pro Skates, long boarding is not a trend, long skateboards do not exist, and  a piece of paper stapled to the wall caught my attention:


I was already into going down hills on a skateboard so I got stoked on this guy’s ad.
« Who is this Cody Ramjet guy? » I wanna meet him.

And I did. We met on top of a hill in Dartmouth. You have to cross a bridge to go to Dartmouth and the Halifax locals were telling me Dartmouth is sketchy. Largest ghetto in Canada they kept saying.