What Happens On The Road Stays There

Nowhere is the title more true then in Las Vegas.  So I guess nothing happened in Vegas.  End of the story.

Las Vegas Skyline

Okay, not everything needs to stay in Vegas.  Just before Christmas Mike Lavoie talked me into travelling with him to Las Vegas with Kevin Cann and Sébastien Bélec.  A few days before the trip, Mike and I were skating at the Taz and I thought about when Mike birthday was.  It seems that this trip happened to be during his birthday.  Not just his birthday but his 50th birthday.

Mike BS Grind Wagon Wheel

Mike has a hard time with deathboxes.  Times are changing I guess since he made short work on the shallow end deathbox at the Wagon Wheel.


Las Vegas skateboarding is all about backyard pool skating.  Me, I am not very much of a pool skater.  I prefer transitions made for skating; it’s easier on my bad back.  The guys wanted Vegas so I followed along.

Fire Pool

Rain the week before we got there left water in all the pools.  Time to find some buckets and get to work.  Fire pool with meatloaf coping.

 Kevin BS Grind Fire Pool

Kevin threading the needle around the drain, over the deathbox, and in before the steps.


Right from the get-go, Las Vegas is a weird place.  Outside of the plane gate there are video poker machines.  Just in case you had a couple of dollars left in your wallet, the airport is ready to take them away from you.  Then we went to the hotel on the strip, everything there is fake.  Why do people go to Vegas?  To have a fake vacation?  Or in the hopes of winning it rich?  Or maybe for the ladies of the night?  All possibilities are just a mirage.

 Seb Lein To Tail Craig Ranch

Seb smashing down a lien to tail at the new Craig Ranch Skatepark.

 ri FS Grind Deathbox Wagon Wheel

ri, shitty grind over the shallow end deathbox.


Skateboarders come to Vegas to take advantage of Vegas’ fakeness.  The US economy was falsely looking good then 2008 rolled around and showed the world there was something wrong with what we thought.  Thousands of people in Las Vegas lost their homes.  It has been 5 years and there are still many abandoned houses (oops, forclosures).  Houses with pools, skateable pools.  Things have not gotten better for the people living in Vegas since 2008.  It seemed to me that most people earn minimum wage catering to people living the fake life.  The people we met were super cool so maybe not everything is fake in Vegas.

Mike FS Invert Craig Ranch

Mike landed a frontside invert on his birthday.  Too bad the photo is not of the make.  The make was better, Mike’s hand was on coping for the make.  Happy birthday Mike!