You Are Going The Wrong Way (Part1)

Won-Ton Animal Ripper (AKA Tristan).

A couple of times a year I try an head to Los Angeles for a skateboard road trip.  Yes, Los Angeles county has some rad skateboard parks and some almost guaranteed nice weather, that’s why I go there.  So, why would a bunch of Californians come to Montreal?  My friends, the Rennie family decided to come to Montreal for a week of skating.  Okay, they came to see and experience Montreal more then skateboard.  Montreal has a ton to offer in culture, architecture, sights, wildlife, and much more.  Our skateparks still leave much to be desired though.

Maybe the best thing ever discovered, maple syrup taffy.  I think Tristan approves.


First things first, they needed to try out the best things about Montreal and Quebec culture…the food.  Actually the best thing are the ladies but the single members of the Rennie family are not interested in the ladies yet or are they?  Sugaring off break with some maple syrup taffy, smoke meat sandwiches, and of course Poutine were all on the menu.  Bill wanted to try some Moosehead beer but we failed in finding him some.  I guess I’ll have to bring some down to Los Angeles next time I go down.  They might be skunky though.

Everyone was bummed that the Pipe is unskateable.  So am I.


Kevin Cann and his wife were the Rennie family hosts for the week, the tour guides and Kevin was the shitty-van driver.  Having home base in N.D.I.P. meant that they would be skating out there more then in the city.  It also meant that I wouldn’t see them much while they were in town due to my lack of a car.  Also getting in the way was the fact that I had to work since I’m out of holidays for the year.  I was booing just like the guys were booing that the Pipe was unskateable.  From the photos I received from Kevin, it looks like the family enjoy their time on the little island.


A rare invert with a hand on coping going down in Montreal.


Bill, Tristan’s dad has been my key to backyard dreams in Southern California (Socal) for the last couple of years.  So one of the first thing Kevin did was to get the guys to pump out a pool.  Yeah, that same pool that Marc Tison skated in his Vans ad.  As if these guys needed to come all the way to Montreal to help pump out a pool.  In the long run though, emptying out the pool was worth it just for Nathan’s joy on being able to skate a pool better then me.  I’ll let Nathan’s  rub-in slide since I’ll be borrowing his bedroom soon.  As soon as January 1st rolls around that is.

Illegal workers, call immigration!


Nathan is no longer a member of Team Scumline.  He even got some lines above the « gnar line », haha.


Good thing Montreal has so much to offer since the skateboard pools and skateparks aren’t so hot.  Speaking of hot, it was rather warm and muggy in Montreal the week the Rennie’s were in town.  At least it wasn’t snowing.  Everyone seemed to be fine with the warm weather, I think Kevin’s got air conditioning.


Tristan kicking out a backside air in the N.D.I.P. pool.