You Are Going The Wrong Way (Part2)

What doorway?  I thought it was a channel.  Tristan backside ollie the doorway at the N.D.I.P. park.


Tristan and Nathan love to fight, shoot things, and play with weapons.  Kevin thought that bringing the Rennie family up North was the perfect occasion to have everyone shoot some riffles.  From what I heard, Nathan was a better shot then Tristan.  It seems that we can’t be good at everything there Tristan.  During the trip they also went sport fishing.  Below is a photo of Tristan’s catch of the day.  I think the photo was faked; they must have gone to the fish market before going fish and bought the catch of the day.

« Watch out Bill, I don’t think the butt is tight on your shoulder », « never mind ».

Which one has the bigger mouth?

As you guys may have seen in Part 1, the Rennie family hit Montreal’s China Town; most likely to pick up some knifes.  I guess I should start being a little nicer to Tristan and Nathan since they’ve got a bunch of weapons now….nope, that’s not going to happen.  Hopefully they will never be bigger then me but Nathan might just be able to kick my ass in a couple of years anyways.  Enough talking about weapons and kicking ass, it’s skate time since this is a skateboard magazine.  I happened to have one last vacation day at work and I way able to use it for the last Friday that the Rennie’s were in town.  That was to be the big Montreal skate day.  The shitty-van rolled up to my house and after showing them mi casa we headed to P45.  The youths complained about being hungry so we stopped off for some smoke meat and this time is wasn’t Smoke Meat Pete’s.  Everyone made fun of me because I asked for the lean sandwich.  I’m looking out for my girlish figure guys.

Nathan gotten so much better since they opened a skatepark next to his place.

Tristan with a little backside air at the Raphael.

At P45 Tristan skated the drunkwall (punkwall with a kink at the bottom) as if it was a miniramp.  It seems photographer Kevin was to busy talking to take any photos, oops.  I don’t care, it’s just that you guys are missing out on Tristan’s madness.  I was to busy skating to even think about taking any photos.  It’s not often that I get to skate P45 without the one hour rush before the sun goes away so it was time for me to skate.  Bill had some problems landing a rock’n roll on the mellow quarterpipe but he finally got it and then we headed inside the Taz to show them what a 16 million community center looks like.  We ended up skating the bowl for 30 mins.  That gave Tristan enough time to make every transfer with style and ease.  It looks like it’s time for me to stop wining about the 90 degree hip and just get it on lockdown both ways.

Sorry Kevin, this frontside air isn’t out and it was taken by pro photographer, Bill Rennie.

A little smoke meat, Schwartz’s.

On the way back west from P45 we decided to stop off at the NoDamnGood skatepark (NDG) for a couple of laps.  I’m not sure if everyone liked NDG but Tristan killed it.  At one point I asked him if he could do a double frontside grind in the deep end; on his first try he got it.  I was stoked because I’d never seen anyone land it before.  Tristan thought it was so easy that tons of people should have landed it before but he is wrong, it’s a really hard line.  I did notice that Tristan didn’t get a grind on the oververt pocket.  ri : 1; Tristan : 1639.

Tristan also had this little line that lead to backside ollie, lamberjacks (AKA ollie-north), and indy nose bones out of the deep end.