You Are Going The Wrong Way (Part3)

BACKside lipslide total ass shot taken by a young girl.  I guess she liked the view of Tristan’s bum.

On one side the Rennie family was unlucky, the Pipe was unskateable, but on another side they were lucky, they got to skate NDG before it closes it’s doors for good.  A couple of weeks ago when we all went to NDG, we had no idea the skatepark would be closing it’s doors shortly there after.  I was lucky, I finally saw someone land a double grind in the deep end.  They did also get to skate the Raphael Pool for which they were lucky.  Not so lucky when they were doing the tourist thing in Old Montreal, they ran into policemen trying to take down a trinket salesman with full force.

It is weird that while in town for a week the Rennie family ran into this in Old Montreal.  I’ve only seen the police draw a weapon once in Montreal aside from when they do it to me of course.

 There is nothing close to the look and feel of Old Montreal in California.  The whole Rennie family seemed entertained by Old Montreal.  Sherry really enjoy the old city and port.  Hey, it’s a cool place.  Where else are you going to see old architecture, narrow streets, cobble stone roads, tons of tourists, and Poutine?

I think Animal Chin lives in that top window.


Poutine number 3 or was that 4?

 As many of you already know, I don’t shy way from stating my opinion about skateparks, ramps, or pools.  I really don’t like the Raphael pool but since Nathan wanted to skate better then me, we hit it a couple of times.  Bill’s ankle did not enjoy the Raphael either.  Even though I dislike that pool, skating with a bunch of friends is always fun.  It’s better to skate some shit spot with friends then skating the best place alone.

Now this is a pool party!


Kevin called a party at his place for the Rennie’s final complete day in Montreal.  Tison and Barry were busy filming and Nolet was out of town so I had no ride to Kevin’s house.  I rolled up my sleeves, packaged my skate bag and jumped onto my bike for the 48 km ride to Kevin’s.  The bike ride went faster then I thought even though I wasn’t riding very fast.  Once at Kevin, his wife fed Nathan, Tristan, and I some milk and cookies.  I haven’t had milk and cookies is decades, that shit is the best!

Bill doing what he does best, wearing down the coping.


Another one of Tristan’s new tricks, backside crail air.   Click on the photo to get a better look.

 Kevin had invited some of his family over for the Rennie last day which included his niece and her friend.  One of those girls was the photographer for Tristan’s ass shot above.  It seems that the girls took a liking to the Rennie brothers.  Kevin was working hard to get Tristan’s and/or Nathan’s first kiss to happen in La Belle Province; the boys failed even though there was a serious hot tub session with just the four of them after the skate session ended.  Maybe next time guys.

Praying to the skate gods.

Nope, this isn’t a switch frontside air, it’s a gay-twist.  Fakie 360 mute grab and not a cab mute grab like snowboarders like to say.


Once the sessioning of the Bitterbowl began, Tristan was going off.  He basically did what ever he wanted anywhere in the pool.  I thought when he got taller he’d loose that ability, once again it seems as though I was wrong.  I struggled with the deathbox and he did it frontside or backside with ease.  His raddest new trick for me is his boosted boneless ones.  They are so sick!  Even without pads Tristan can boost one out at the Bitterbowl.  Bill got some good grinds and Nathan found some speed lines.  All I found was pain.  That hip is really hard to come in on.  The youths got side tracked and entered an elastic band fight.  I had to teacher the girls how to hold the elastic to get some good power behind their shots.  Sorry moms of the world, no eyes were taken out.  Some how the elastic-band fight morphed into a water/water balloon fight.  Good thing for Tristan and Nathan, the girls had bathing suits.  The old people just sat down and ate the food Kevin and his wife had prepared for us.

Tristan drives like an old man.  Nathan is coming up to pass slow old Tristan.


At the end of it all, the Rennie vacation that is, I hope they had a fun time in Montreal and hopefully they now understand a little more about us Canadians.  You’re always welcome Bill Marchand Rennie.  A huge thanks goes out to Kevin and his wife for hosting the Rennie family and dealing with Nathan and Tristan’s sweets habit.  Thanks for coming up north of the border Rennie family.

Nice board Kevin!

All the photos were by Kevin, the girls, or Bill.

Tristan’s first board graphic should have flames.