Designing a custom T-Shirt

Best Software for Designing a custom T-Shirt

A first-time t-shirt designer is always worried about the best software to use. Even qualified custom hoodies designers have countless queries based on T-shirt design this is probably because this field keeps on improving as technology improves. In this article, we will look at the top software programs for designing a custom t-shirt. You can also choose to look through various websites for the best budget option for free t-shirt design software.

·        Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is usually part of the adobe suite. It is a software of creating drawings, artwork, and illustrations using MacOS computers or windows. It was released in 1987 and is continually updated at regular intervals. Most graphic designers usually use Adobe illustrator. One can create typography, logos, create multidimensional and layered illustrations using vector graphics.

·        Adobe Photoshop

It is usually part of the adobe suite but not part of the vector program. It is mostly used in digital art, graphic design and raster image editing. It is known to use layering to permit depth and flexibility in the editing and design process. It also allows the use of powerful; editing tools thus with this program you will be in a position to edit the high-quality image while also coming up with unique photos.

·        CorelDraw

This software program was developed and released by Corel Corporation. It is a vector graphic editor. Moreover, it is a robust graphics suite and provides various features for designers to edit graphics. These features are color balancing, adding special effects such as borders, contrast adjustment and it is also able to work with many layers and multiple pages. It was released in January 1989 while running on windows 2.X operating system. The software is still being used while the latest version X8 was released on March 15, 2016. However, if you are new in Custom T-shirt design, this software is not only used for t-shirt designs thus it might take you some time to understand it.

·        Graffix Pro studio

Customization is growing across the world. Designers who can customize t-shirts and other garments are in high demand. GraffixPro has been built to streamline the customization process so that a designer can design what a customer needs while still maximizing his profits. With Graffix pro you also don’t need to learn about complicated photo editing or graphics software. GraffixPro includes gradients, artwork manipulations, shadows, distress effects and you can as well take basic artwork and transform it into an artistic design. It is also a very easy program to use especially for beginners. Even though it makes things simple, you also get to be limited on what you can do on the program.

·        Inkscape.

This is another free vector graphic program. It is almost similar to an illustrator and also allows you to come up with multidimensional graphics for embroidery and screen printing. However, it is not in a position to handle large files as compared to the illustrator.

I hope you have found this piece of writing useful and you are willing to learn more about the Custom T-shirt printing process and how to maximize profits in your printing job. You can choose to have a look at some of our expert guides on screen printing and branding.