How to Decorate a Student Backpack

You and your backpack are likely going to be spending loads of time together, no pun intended. Your college backpack is your best friend and will stick with you through those long days at school, so it deserves a little love! Investing some time to make it look as cool as possible also helps to express your personality. If you agree, then let’s get to decorating!

If You Can, Draw!

What better way to reinvent a boring backpack than to bring out the best of your imagination on it? You can easily step up your backpack’s old plain look by grabbing a fabric marker and drawing on it, just like Peter in the video below:


Depending on you and your taste, your drawings could be anything from colourful roses to giant dinosaurs to giant dinosaurs holding colourful roses. Consider something as simple as drawing bright yellow lines that mimic road lanes on the straps. Just make sure to draw carefully, and for extra precaution, you might want to sketch lightly with a pencil before using the marker. Use a stencil to trace out shapes if it helps.

Add Some Paint for Effect

When you are thinking of decorating your backpack, spray paint and fabric paint might be just the things to turn to. If you want to paint freely, add some spray paint in your favourite colours or even a full-blown rainbow on the back of the bag. Do as many colours and designs as you would like as long as you get your backpack to look exactly how you imagined it.

Spray painting is also much easier with a stencil, and you should keep your goggles and gloves handy. When you are done with the painting, leave your backpack to dry outside for a couple of hours, so the colour won’t stick on your T-Shirt, and voila, your new and improved backpack is ready to go.

Stand Out with Duct Tape

While many people often overlook duct tape as decoration material, it does so much more than stick things together. Duct tape comes in so many colours and designs that using it as a means of self-expression and decoration isn’t really that difficult!

All you need to make your backpack look as cool as you are, are duct tape in different colours, designs that you like, and a pair of scissors. You can either use the tape in straight lines or cut out shapes that you can stick on different parts of your backpack. Don’t be surprised when your friends all want a piece of your bespoke stickers.

Tie Some Ribbons

If you are good at sewing or have a friend who is, ribbons can be a great way to decorate your bookbag and transform it into a head-turning piece of high fashion. Not only do ribbons come in different colours, but they also come in different sizes, meaning you can have all the fun you want!

You can make a bow out of any ribbon of your choice and sew it onto your bag. Essentially, you can mix and match different ribbons into familiar or otherworldly patterns, depending on you. Otherwise, you can buy some ribbons and stick them on your backpack, and you’re done!

Keep it Simple, Accessorize

Speaking of decorating with readymade pieces, there are tons of backpack accessories that you can get just about anywhere to make your backpack look unique. These accessories include iron-on patches and sew-on appliques.

Brooches, key chains, and badges that you can pin onto your backpack are another way to accessorize. If you love the idea of cool little trinkets like key chains dangling off your zippers, this one might be for you. The badges and brooches are less flashy alternatives to key chains that dangle off the zippers, but they are just as cool nonetheless.

Other accessories that you can use include buttons, rhinestones, studs, and even pictures! The sky’s the limit when it comes to expressing yourself through decorating, and your backpack is a great place to start!