How Often Should Jeans Be Cleaned?

The answer will shock you. There is a likelihood that you have never thought or bothered to know how often you should clean your jeans.  Many people in Canada re-wear their pair of jeans without caring that they’re hitting deep winter.

The dyes used to color the denim, the toxic chemicals used in production, and the millions of liters of water used to produce a single pair have many negative impacts on the environment and your wardrobe.

Stephen Leahy affirmed that it takes 7600 liters to produce a pair of jeans. These figures don’t correspond to the number of times the jeans will be washed during their lifetime.

Some fashion brands like Reformation have introduced eco-friendly denim, which is made from organically grown cotton. Alternative materials like TENCEL Lyocell have also been fronted.

However, all these efforts have not solved the denim cleaning needs. When Yael Aflalo, Ref’s founder, was consulted, she recommended that you should bag and put your jeans in a freezer for a day or two. This will kill bacteria and bad odors, making your jeans ready for re-use.

Aflalo went ahead and advised that if it is necessary to clean them, use cold water and avoid the dryer. Only wash them when necessary using a spot cleaner.

She concluded by saying that the washed jeans should be hang-dried because it is eco-friendly. This way, you will have reduced tens of pounds of greenhouse gases.