After Hours Online Premier!

Montreal is known for it’s raw east coast spots and dope skate scene. All last summer Roberto Presedo was working full time during the day and was filming all night with a bunch of sick skaters. This movie has a sick vibe, sick filming, and really gets you stoked to go night skating with your friends!


We present the online premier of After Hours!




A Montreal Skateboarding movie filmed and edited by Roberto Presedo.

Compositing by Frank Presedo

Additional filmers:
Max Tremblay
Nicky Young
Pierre Marc Sauve


Skateboarders in order of appearance:

Leon Chapdelaine
Max Tremblay
Max Cote
Seb Carranza
Alexander Mitchell
Pierre Marc Sauve
Devante Crudup
Caine Cripps
Gab Ekoe
Matthijs Roland Holst
Othmar Van Rijwijk
Adam Lannon
Thien San Hotong
Jessy Jean Bart
Etienne Dumais
Jean Francois Gagne
Imbrahim Wa
Joey Larock
Alex Fauteux
Chad Baldo
Max Lavoie
Benoit Lachapelle
Mackenzie Curruthers
Serey Siv
Roberto Presedo
Danny Guay
Ricardo Magdaleno
Rasta Man
Akatroi Chea
Vince Baldo
Jimmy Bisson