Big O Beach – Dimanche Au Pipe (123)

For a while now I’ve felt homeless.  I physically have a place to stay but skateboardwise I’ve been lost for a while.  It really hit hard when No Damn Good (NDG) closed.  Before that I didn’t think of myself as being homeless, just a little empty.  Once NDG closed I actually wondered where I would skate.  Over the years I’ve spent hundreds of hours working at P45 but in no way do I call that place home.  Have you ever even seen a photo of me skating there?  I haven’t seen any but I’ve seen a ton of me working there.  P45 is just to far for this carless old guy to get to before dark.

The Big O rebirth happened a couple of weeks ago but I still hadn’t been around Montreal to skate it.  To much work, partying, and just being out of town to go by and skate.  This weekend I was in Montreal even though it was a long weekend but Méteo Media was calling for rain on Saturday and Monday.  Friday night Marc Tison and I talked about skating on Saturday if it didn’t rain but I thought it would.  Saturday morning I got up to an ugly, cloudy sky but no rain.  A Pipe session was on!  Marc and I got there mid-afternoonish to meet up with Jean-Mich, Big Rich, and Jeff Edwards.  It was an ugly ass day and we were stoked.  Actually, since the Pipe moved there is once again blinding sun possibilities so clouds are nice for a late afternoon skate.  If you didn’t look at the placement of the Pipe, this session could have been one from 4 years ago; aside from my lack of ability to skate the Pipe.

Marc FS Feeble

This is a photo of the first frontside feeble that Marc landed and it’s a new angle since there is no-O-fence.



Struggling on a trick is just part of skating.  Man do I struggle at the Pipe now though but it doesn’t get to me.  Little by little I’ll get my tricks back and maybe even learn some new ones I hope.  Most people are in the same boat as me since the Pipe isn’t an easy place to skate.  Then there is Marc, he is already learning new tricks at the Pipe.  Saturday he got his first frontside feeble (at the Pipe).

Big O BeachBig O Beach


We left Saturday without having landed everything we wanted, with some scratched eyeglasses, and with lumps but happy none the less.  When I awoke Sunday morning the sky was clear.  I had some stuff to do before skating so I called Marc up and asked him if he was skating and at what time.  A Sunday session was set.  Once we arrived at the Pipe there were a bunch of skaters and even more non skaters at what we now call « Big O beach ».  I kind of said hello to everyone and got right to skating.  To bad my skating level was as lame as the prior day’s level.  The sun was out and everyone was having fun so I took some breaks from skating and chilled at the Big O beach and took a couple of photos.

TheDevil Jeff and Marc

The Devil, Jeff, and Marc enjoying themselves at the end of the Pipe.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Devil back to his evil ways, grinding the lip.


There was a kid and his family chilling and watching the skating.  No clue if the kid even skateboards but he enjoyed watching the skating.  Barry walked up to him and handed him a Pipe Fiends book.  The kid walked away smiling and his family said thank you from a distance while they walked away.  Paco from NYC was down for the Metal Festival over the weekend.  He found this a perfect opportunity to come by the Pipe to get some skating in.  It’s nice that the Pipe brings in so many out of towners to enjoy it tight transitions.

Paco FS Layback BoardslidePaco laying back a frontside boardslide to crawling though the flat.  Next time you will get out of it with some speed.


Pipe Fiends Payment

Pipe Fiends payment, priceless. 


Out of the blue the kid who had gotten a Pipe Fiends book came back and walked over to Barry to hand him a thank you package.  We all notice that the kid had given Barry some rolled up money, nice.  When Barry unrolled the five dollar bills there was a special care package for Barry rolled up.  Click on the photo above to blow it up.  That was the youngest pusher we’d ever seen.  Everyone got a big old laugh out of the story and then it got sparked.  The Big O beach was rocking way into the night.

Bing Rock Slide To Fakie

Bing enjoying Pipe 3.0 with a rock slide to fakie.


Monday was a holiday so once again Marc and I travelled to the Pipe for some more fun at « home ».  On this day there were different out of towners (Drew and his buddy) at the Pipe.  For some reason I was skating slightly better then the previous two day, practice makes perfect maybe, so I barely took any photos until it got darkish.  My frontside smith grinds are not on lock-down yet but at least I land more then two a session now.  Out of nowhere three ladies and a skater showed up.  They were from Chicago.  The ladies are currently living in MTL to go to school and the skater (Bing) came by the Pipe to film some skating and skate a little.


Bob BS AirBob scooping a sweet backside air.  Sorry my flash was blowing it Bob and yes you landed this one.


Bob Lasalle made it out for a little session.  I think his stretching is helping out his skateboarding but don’t tell him that I said that.  Everyone was having a blast so we had to call the local Dep for a little delivery.  Beer delivery to the skate spot is so epic and accommodating too.  By the way, if you do drink at the Pipe, please throw your cans or bottles away in the garbage.  Since the Pipe is much closer to the road, the security can see us drink now and they are not very stoked.  Keep it low key and clean up after yourselves please.  What an epic day.  I wasn’t skating like shit, skated with a bunch of friends, ladies were at the Pipe, and we had some beers too.  What a prefect day.  Drip, drip, drip, it started to rain.  There goes the perfect day.  The rain didn’t last long but any wetness on the transition of the Pipe makes it crazy slippery.  We finished off our beers and everyone (except for me) headed to eat some food together.  I had lobster at home so fuck you all, haha.  What a great weekend.  I’m so happy that I am no longer homeless.  Come by any time.

Marc FS OllieMarc frontside ollie like butter.


Conor FS BailConor with a full on bail but I like the clouds in the background.  Conor, time to step it up and land the frontside ollie.  I’m down to take a photo of the « make » when ever.