Blind – IOU

Back in the days, when I used to hang out in the local skateshop watching videos (when skateshops allowed that kind of thing), most videos were rather rubbish.  We were excited to watch all of them because that was the only way we would ever see pro skaters doing their thing.  You would never run into any pros skating downtown Montreal back then.  Pros on tours rarely made it to Montreal at all back then.  Magazines and videos were our peepholes to what was happening in skateboarding.  Then Blind Video Days came out….another rubbish video (Jason Lee singing).  It was so much more then just rubbish though.  The skating was so next level in the video.  We could watch the video over and over and never seem to get sick of it.  IOU is not as revolutionary as Video Days was but it has way more Canadians involved with it.  I usually do not post videos from the Berrics because their video play poorly on most people devices.  This one is worth a viewing or two.  Click on the image to be forwarded to the video.