Dimanche Au Pipe (121)

All though the Pipe is officially off limits for all of 2012, Big Rich and the guys have still been skating the Olympic grounds.  So when Big Rich’s birthday rolled around, the party was going to go down at the Big O.  Marc and I rolled up to the Flags and a couple of guys were already there skating the ledges.  Staying true to what we believe, over the summer the guys had painted three blocks of the ledge.  We don’t like shitty wax.  Paint is way more consistent and doesn’t make your wheels all slippery.  Upon first look, those ledges are tall, for me at least.

This isn’t a landed frontside 50-50 by the Devil but holly shit, he was able to ollie up the ledge.


I took a couple of looks at the ledge, even after seeing the Devil ollie up, I decided I was a wimp.  I went and skated the slanted wall instead.  If I thought banks in skateparks were rough on my body, the Big O wallrides are murder but really fun.

Marc has long since passed 30 year old barrier, after which skaters loose their pop but, Marc can still muster an ollie over a tennis net.  Maybe for the last time, haha.


The gang of us were no longer in our prime of street skating but you could see smiles on everyone’s faces.  Skateboarding is what makes us happy.  We don’t care what we’re skating, as long as we are skating with a bunch of friends.  It was a bummer that beer delivery doesn’t work at the flags but that’s better for my mind and body any ways.  I spent a bunch of time skating so I didn’t even need more beers in the end.

Some youths were skating on the other side, the boys were checking out the guys skills.  Yes, we love skating.

 Big Rich started up the BBQ and more people showed up.  For me the BBQ start up timing was great since my knees were really starting to hurt.  The beers got cracked open and then we laughed at our sad street skating skills.  We also talked about the different pains we were in from the short street session.  It seems that we’ve gotten old over the last decade.

This water fountain reminds me of the days before the Saputo Stadium when we could get water at the opposite end of the field.


This was only the second time (the BYP was the first time) I’d been to the Big O in all of 2012.  It was good to be back « home » even though the Pipe was unskateable.  I’ve missed the Pipe Fiends this year and missed skating on weekends.  It looks like Big Rich and the guys had it right in skating the Big O any ways.  Thanks for the great day Rich and thanks for opening my eyes to the fun I was missing.

Marc casually frontside 180ing the tennis net.



Big Rich getting his (street) skate on one year older.