Bam, my alarm wakes me up. I think to myself, « Why is my alarm ringing? » Then my brain begins to focus, I remember that we are pouring new modules at P45. Then I begin to think, « The guys do not need me there today. » 6 am is harsh.  I hate early morning wake ups unless there is a bunch of fresh powder.  Finally I face the music and roll out of bed.

Kevin BS Carve Eugene

Kevin playing in the three pocket snakerun at the new Eugene, Or skatepark.



The three pocket snakerun was so intriguing that even with my shitty ankle that I had planned on not skating on that day, I just had to skate.  Then I skated another 2 hours after I had done what I could do in the snakerun.  Photo by Kevin. 


Eugene Street

Most of the two hours was spent zooming around the street section while avoiding all the rails.


Eugene Pool

This pool has basically the same dimensions as Kevin’s pool except that it wider.  So much easier to find lines.


It was supposed to be raining according to Metromedia but it seemed to be just cloudy this morning. No rain was great for the pour and also I could now bike to P45. Just before arriving at P45 I am blinded by the sun. Wow, this going to be a great day.

KlamathFalls Overview

Overview of the Klamath Falls, Or., insanity.


Upon arriving at P45 I notice Gino is the concrete truck driver on this day. Gino sucks. There is always some sort of drama when Gino shows up. Another thing I notice is that there are only 5 guys. The small crew is going to drive Gino nuts since all he wants to do is get out of here as quickly as possible. Ah whatever, I do not have to deal with him.

LincolnCity PoolBowlRaceTrack

Lincoln City, Or is impossible to explain.  Kevin in the penis pool and the race track to the right of it.


LincolnCity Downhill

Downhill craziness to a 13 foot corner, what?


Once I had changed into my work clothes Seb walked into the trailer looking for the tent. Was it that sunny? Nope, it had started to rain. Looks like we are in for a rough one today. As soon as I started working with the concrete, the day got even shittier.  The concrete was really wet.  Two feet up the wall the concrete was just sliding down. I guess patients was the word to live by today.

Kevin BS Carve Florence

Kevin finds a line over the fullpipe doorway.


Florence Overview

Florence, Or. was not even in the roadmap before the trip.  Hell, it looks like a bmx park.


Florence Doorway

Yes, that is the doorway Kevin went over.


An hour in and we were all completely soaked. It really was not pleasant. Then more fun began, rivers of water worked their way to the concrete we were working with.  Squeegees and brooms were called into duty. Even sandbags were found and used.


Waldport is one really small town.  Joe no-buddies knew where the skatepark was.


Throughout the day the rains would stop and return. All the guys talked about past pours and the bad shit that went down during those pours. As a crew, the P45 guys, we have gone through the good and the bad on pour day but we always seem to complete the tasks at hand.

Jacksonville Flow2

Jacksonville, Or has a very D.I.Y. style skatepark.  It was really hard to get used to the different sizes and keeping my speed up.  Tons of fun.


Today was no different, two obstacles, a light pole, and some more deck was completed. Even with all the problems we had, we did a good job.

Reedsport BigBowl


Yes, that is the fullpipe that Tom Remilard looped as did some other skaters.  Getting enough speed to loop it is so impossible.


Reedsport SmallBowl


Pyramid in the middle of a bowl?  I am not a fan but hell they have a tons of skateparks to choose from.


Glenhaven Pool

This is one of the pools that we had to hit again after Kevin and my last roadtrip to Oregon in 2007, Glenhaven skatepark in Portland, Or.


It seems that I am the last of the original guys to still showup on pour day to help out. I am in no way complaining, it is just a fact. I started helping out in hopes that P45 would snowball into something bigger, something much bigger. It has been 4 years that we have had skateable things at P45 and nothing as good has been built in and around Montreal yet. Some other D.I.Y. projects had promise but they got shutdown. Our newer city parks still lack imagination and the ability to hold a skater’s interest.  My skatepark project that was started with some friends is in limbo with the city. To bad Montreal could not become part of Oregon. Oregon is miles ahead of our status when it comes to skateparks.  Sometimes I feel like giving up. Then I run into people that are super stoked on P45. That gets me through those early morning pour days.