Happy Thanks Giving

King City Bowl

King City Street Section Part1

King City Street Section Part2

I had been planning for a couple of weeks a road trip to New England for the Thanks Giving long weekend.  Most fun skateparks for me are roughly 6 hours away from Montreal so long weekends are great for getting out to those parks.  During long weekends I get two half days of skating and a full day of skating which makes up for the 12 hours of driving.  The week before Thanks Giving everyone (except Louis) bailed on the road trip.  Not wanting to waste a long weekend, I rented a car and headed to Toronto alone; Louis didn’t want to go to Toronto I guess.  I didn’t even check the weather since they have an indoor park with a nice vert ramp so I could always skate that no matter the weather.  What I didn’t think about was that it was Thanks Giving weekend and that my friends had family engagements to go to.  Oops, looks like I blew it on that one.

Have you seen him?  I found him.

Brent’s first run roll-in, hells yeah!

Ashbridges bowl to be

The first day I had a mellow session at the Vanderhoof skatepark with a couple of friends.  It seemed that Saturday was the only day they could get away from « the family » so at least we got one session in.  The next morning it didn’t look like I would be able to make it to the Berricks skatepark in London so I was a little bummed.  The peanut pool there is really fun to ride.  Brent Jordan and I decide to take a little tour around Toronto instead.  The first stop was Vanderhoof for a little warm up and the dropping off of one of the vehicles.  Once we were ready, we got into Brent’s car and headed to the Ashbridges skatepark.  Sorry, I wasn’t going there to skate the street park, that place is way to hard on my back.  The first thing we saw upon arriving was that one of the decks that heads to a set of stairs had a big crack that would fuck up any skater’s run up for sure.  Even concrete skateparks need to be maintained guys.  Pushing through a couple more cracks we got to the end of the park.  The city had finally started building the bowl that was in the plan for the original skatepark.  It’s a huge bowl.  The bowl is a mirror image of the big Encinitas bowl if you’ve ever seen that bowl.  Currently there is just a huge hole in the ground that makes the excavator look small.  Brent and I think they actually dug to much but we’ll see.  It was great to see that the bowl is finally getting built after 3 years of having the street section finished.  I hope the builders don’t blow it.

ri frontside carve grind on the monster coping

Brent rock’n and a rolling

King City’s skatepark isn’t even open and there are girls there.  P.S. She was trying kickflip to blunt fakie


We’d looked at enough dirt, it was time to skate so we headed to the Ellesmere skatepark.  It’s a flowy street park.  We zoomed around for awhile, basically until I slapped my board onto my butt and then we thought it was time to head farther north.  King City was getting a new skatepark with a bowl.  I was in Toronto the weekend prior to this one and the bowl had no flat bottom or coping.  On Wednesday I’d seen construction photos, the park had no flat bottom in the street section or the bowl still.  During the previous week there was talk about the construction errors that had occurred, Brent and I wanted to check those issues out and that’s why we headed to King City.  Once there, we quickly notice that the street section now had flat.  We had zero hope that with all the problems the crew had, that there would be flat in the bowl.  To our amazement, the wooden crew support structure in the bowl had been removed and the flat had been poured.  Brent and I checked some of the grinding the crew had done to match the seems between the different pours and the huge relieve of the coping.  It was good to go. Brent cleaned out the leaves as I looked for lines and check the street park.  Brent had called first run roll-in on Facebook a couple of days prior so he did a couple of kick turns in the street section before rolling in.  I always think about first run roll-ins but my roll-ins are sketchy so I just went for the first run and the first grind on that new coping, hell yeah!  The little kinks in the seems we’d felt with our hands were basically unnoticeable when we were skating.  The coping looked actually bigger when attacking it from below but who cares when you’re skating a new bowl.  Man were we stoked to be skating this new bowl that we had driven to just to check out it’s construction status.  It looks like we both received an amazing present for Thanks Giving this year, a new bowl.  This bowl is my favourite bowl in eastern Canada by far.

ri getting rejected by the coping.

ri getting pay BACK. 

Once  we were back at Brent place we went through the photos and posted a couple on Facebook.  Yes, we blew out the barged closed skatepark.  Right away we received tons of comments on the bowl.  Quickly a plan came together for a full on session the next afternoon.  Family what?  It was Monday and everyone got away from their families to get some barks on the new coping.  We ended up having a full on Vanderhoof session in King City that Monday.  It was great.  Hopefully this bowl will raise the bar for all other bowls to be build in Eastern Canada.  Thanks Jim Barnum, it a good design for a bowl.

P.S. King City locals, keep those pegs off that coping, please.