Iqaluit, NU

I, like many of you had zero idea where Iqaluit, NU is.  That is because it is way (I mean way) up north.  I have never had an urge to travel into the great Canadian north except for once in my life I would like to check out Baie James (it sounds better in French for me).  My vacations revolve around skateboarding or skiing/snowboarding and that about it.  No checking touristy things for me.  I did that stuff when I was young.  Going into Canada’s great north has way to sketchy back-country riding and no skateboarding or so I thought.  Last winter I did find out that some of my friends had built two skateparks in Greenland which totally blew my mind.

Backsmith Wednesday for Tom.  Most likely the farthest north one to date.


The guys from Antique Skate Shop went up to Iqaluit, NU to put some smiles on the faces of NU skaters for Atsalualik.  The video below also put a smile on my face.  I kind of feel like road tripping into Canada’s great north now.

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