McTwist Is What?

Since I was a kid and I first saw the Bones Brigade video, I was told that Mike McGill invented the McTwist in Sweden at a summer camp in 1984.  Mullen ended up coming up with the name of the trick.  The first time North America saw the McTwist was at the Del Mar contest which was filmed and include in the Bones Brigade video.  That is what happened, Right?  Well, maybe not.


This weekend I saw for the first time footage of McGill’s McTwists from that Swedish summer camp.  Sorry guys, those are 540’s in the video.  A McTwist is only a McTwist when the rider flips and twist.  What is now called corked.  A 540’s is just a spin.  So, 540’s existed first?  Wow, so when did he land his first McTwist?  Does it really matter?  No.  I just hate giving out false information.  Now I know that the 540 came first.

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

A modern McGill McTwist.